We are team of expert consultants backed by years of experience solving complicated, emotionally sensitive problems.
Our key area of expertise is organisational development.

Bringing a fresh, external perspective, we are ideally placed to advise, support and guide senior and project managers as they tackle complicated business challenges. Our wide range of services covers everything from strategy development and the planning and seeing through of essential restructuring processes, all the way to
team development and conflict resolution.

We adapt our services to the specific requirements of the project in hand, drawing on a wide range of relevant methodological approaches.

These tools are organisational development, communication consultancy (facilitation of management boards, facilitation of large groups and participatory procedures, Dynamic Facilitation and Wisdom Council, Bohm Dialogue discussion groups, Circle for successful and efficient meetings, coaching, and supervision), business mediation and team development.

  • Business Mediation

    „He who always wants the last word will soon have nobody to speak to but himself.“ Breton saying

  • Team development

    „The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.“
    Phil Jackson